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Particular Credit is a company specialized in loans with pharmacy license and credits for pharmacists.

Today we often have more than one outstanding debt to be resolved. The economic situation in our country is complex enough so that both companies and individuals are forced to apply for loans and in many cases accompanied by the guarantee of some good, in this case the guarantee of the pharmacy license.

And in this reality that we have to live, there are many pharmacists who see how the doors of the banks are closed when they need liquidity immediately. A loan for pharmacists to settle these debts and to be able to move forward, to get out of Asnef, to acquire the pharmacy license or, simply, to face some unforeseen economic situation.

Unfortunately, if the pharmacist does not have a faultless financial profile, traditional financial institutions will never approve a loan. It is necessary that we have a stable income, that we lack debts and that we are linked to these banks so that we can enjoy these financing products.

However, today there are more ways out of these situations thanks to other experts. Such as private equity companies like ours. In Private Credit we have been offering loans for all types of clients since 2012. And one of our specialties are pharmacy licensed loans. Do you know that if you own one of these licenses, or want to buy it, you have preferential access to get large amounts of money in a very short time? Would you like to know how it works? In that case, read on.

Pharmacy Licensed Credits

Pharmacy Licensed Credits

Pharmacy-licensed loans are intended for those pharmacists who want to start their professional career independently and have to face a first economic obstacle: the acquisition of the pharmacy license. Then, the next step will be to get a pharmacy. These types of products, both the license and the real estate, are usually quite expensive. The most frequent in these cases is to request a mortgage loan to be able to finance them.

However, not all pharmacists have the right economic situation for a bank to grant them this type of loan. For example, if the intention is to open our own business, as is the case with acquiring a pharmacy, we probably do not have a stable salary to be able to pay off the loan. This is an essential requirement for a bank to grant us a mortgage.

In this situation there are many who throw in the towel and continue working for others while turning their backs on their dream of having their own business. But this is not necessary since the pharmacy license that you wish to acquire (or that you already have) can serve as a guarantee to be able to request a loan of a high amount.

To access our loans with the guarantee of a pharmacy license, either the license is already available or, in the case of wanting to buy it, the pharmacist should have at least 70% of the purchase amount. The rest, 30% can be financed by us.

Loans for pharmacists pledging the license

Loans for pharmacists pledging the license

This is achieved through pledged credits for pharmacists. “And what is a pledged loan?”, You may be wondering. Very simple, these are credits in which the pharmacy license is pledged. That is, it is used as collateral for the future loan. It is something similar to what happens with lifelong mortgages. While real estate is used in these as collateral for pharmaceutical loans, it is the license itself that acts as such.

One of the advantages of this type of credit for pharmacists is that the pharmacist can use his license to practice his profession even if it is pledged. Therefore, during the life of the loan, you can obtain benefits from said license without having to give up its use. Advantages of the loans for pharmacists
The advantages of loans for pharmacists through our private equity company are many. Among the most notable we can name the following:

  • High amounts With the pharmacy licensed credits you can obtain significant sums of capital in a short time. In Particular Credit we offer you from a minimum of € 6,000 to a maximum equivalent to 30% of the license value.
  • Long return terms. The repayment of the loan for pharmacists will never be a problem. We offer you from a minimum of one year to a maximum of ten so you can pay off your debt.
  • Different quota models. One of the most frequent problems of those who suffer from the credits are the fees. Many borrowers are not able to repay them due to their high amounts. What makes a real odyssey to make ends meet. With us this will never happen to you. You can choose to repay your loan with monthly, quarterly and even semiannual installments.
  • No linked products. In Particular Credit you will not be obliged to hire other products in order to get your credit for pharmacists. You also won’t have to change banks or open a new account.
  • Regulated by the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs. In Particular Credit we like to respect the legality to the fullest in all our steps. For this reason our company is regulated by the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs. Our registration number is 439/2013

You also have two different models depending on your needs.

  • Pay only interest up to the final installment. This model is ideal for those users who want to save money during the life of their loan. They will only have to pay the interest in each installment except in the last one, in which, in addition, they will have to pay back the borrowed money.
  • Pay interest and loan at the same time. The best known and most used product in our country. In each of the installments the client pays the interest together with a proportional part of the loan. In this way in each installment the money owed to the lender is reduced.

Requirements for pharmacy licensed loans

Requirements for pharmacy licensed loans

Getting a pharmacy licensed credit is really simple. The steps to follow are:

  • Have a pharmacy license or be in the process of obtaining it. It must always be free of charges. If you do not have it yet or if some of your payment is pending, you can use a percentage of the loan to pay off this debt. Once done you can use the rest of the amount for other payments.
  • Be of legal age and live in Spain.
  • Be clear about what you need the money for, how much and on what terms you want to pay it. From Particular Credit we advise you not to ask for more than you need. Remember that loans always involve additional expenses in the form of interest and possible commissions.
  • Wait for loan pre-approval. Do not worry, in less than 15 minutes you will know if your credit for pharmacists has been approved. If so, you must present the necessary documentation to be able to sign the contract before a notary.
  • Select the notary of your trust. One of our main concerns is that you are comfortable during each of the loan processes. For this reason you have total freedom to choose the professional or notary you prefer for the signing of the deed. It is important that this day clarify any questions that remain pending with both the Private Credit expert and the notary. The loan deed must be registered in the Registry of movable property. In addition, according to the city council, you should also register there.

Differences between pharmacy-licensed loans and mortgage loans

Home equity loans and pharmaceutical loans have many similarities. Although there are also differences between them. Let’s look at both aspects below:

  • A good is used as collateral. In the case of home equity loans, it is a real estate. However, when we talk about loans for pharmacists, what is used is the license itself. Therefore a movable good.
  • Loan Registration In both cases it is necessary that the writing of these credits be signed before a notary. And, once the signature is made, you must register in the corresponding register. In the case of mortgages the registration will be that of the Property. In the case of pharmacy licenses, the credit will be recorded in the Registry of Movable Property. In addition, depending on the municipality, it will also be necessary to register it.
  • High amounts of capital. Both the credits for pharmacists and the mortgage loans offer clients large amounts of money in a fairly short period of time. In Private Credit in less than 48 hours from the signature before a notary you will have the requested money.
  • Interests Any credit that is requested (except sometimes those made between family and friends) will always be accompanied by interests. The percentage of these will vary depending on the financial solvency of the client. Thus, for example, those clients with a stable payroll and an impeccable financial economic profile can obtain mortgages with a very low interest in banks. However, other profiles but financially positioned will have to face higher interests in exchange for loans.