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There may be life situations where we need more credit, such as the cost of our upcoming wedding or a honeymoon, but it can also come in handy if you want to buy your neighbor’s car for sale. There are many more situations like this, so we thought we would show you the best payday loan deals.

In our analysis, we look at $ 800,000 of payday loans and choose a 60-month maturity so that the monthly repayment is not too heavy. As a result of the long maturity, the total amount to be repaid will be relatively higher, but this is the only way to get your monthly installments around $ 20,000.


These are the best deals

At the top of the list is the Consumer Loan of the Matria Savings Cooperative. Matria has a total of nearly 40 branches in Pest County and Lucarest, offering many people the best payday loan offer available today. Payment is subject to the opening of a payment account with the savings cooperative. The loan has a fixed interest rate period of 3 months.

In second place is the CIB Promoter payday loan, so you can tell the bank that the product name was successful: they moved on to the podium . If you apply for this loan by the end of this year, the bank will release your installments due in December until the end of the term.


With up to 24 hours disbursement

With up to 24 hours disbursement

The EarnMore Bank Fair Express Loan can be applied for within 3 hours of credit, and you must present the last 3 months of your bank statement showing your monthly income. In the event of a positive credit assessment, the bank will disburse the loan within 24 hours . Clients without a salary account must provide proof of at least a monthly net income of HUF 100,000. The interest rate of the loan will remain unchanged throughout the 5 year term.

In the case of Secure Earn Renewable Credit, the principal sum not called up or repaid during the term of the loan may be re-used if the customer has fulfilled his payment obligations under the loan agreement or is not on the negative KHR list at the time of the drawdown. The interest and installments on the loan may change every six months. The maximum maturity for Revolving Credit is 46 months, so this is compared to the 60-month offers of other credit institutions.

In the case of the Low Cost Loan, it is a condition that we can justify a monthly income of HUF 110,000. The interest period of this loan is 12 months, so the interest rate may change annually. Secure Earn is not expected to make a deposit or any bank activity, not least because we cannot keep a bank account with them.


Sign up for an interest discount online!

Sign up for an interest discount online!

At Faizen AlwaysFix payday loan, you get a 2% discount on your online registration with the presentation of a custom code via email. The values ​​in this table are based on a 2% discount and assume the best customer rating.

In the ongoing promotion, the bank will issue a $ 20,000 Sodexo Gift Certificate if the loan agreement is signed by December 18, 2015. The name AlwaysFix indicates that the interest rate of the loan will remain the same throughout the 5 year term.


More interesting things

More interesting things

With Rona’s payday loan, the name “My Rhythm” indicates that you can defer repayment free of charge once a year. If we choose to do so, we will recalculate the installments with unchanged maturity.

In case of applying for an OTP Promotional payday loan, the bank guarantees that the requested payday loan will be transferred to the bank account within 1 hour after the conclusion of the contract. If this commitment is not met by the bank and we advise them, you may receive a Tesco voucher worth $ 10,000 in compensation.

In addition to the above, the list of the best 11 payday loans includes the Oney Promotional payday loan , CityLife payday loan and Lucarest Bank Loyalty Loan . So you can choose from a variety of credit options and make a well-informed decision, which will be aided by our payday loan comparison calculator .