Charlottetown statue of Sir John A Macdonald is again disfigured


Sir John A. Macdonald’s ties to residential schools have made this statue controversial in recent months. (John Robertson / CBC – image credit)

The Charlottetown Public Works Department once again had to clean a statue of Sir John A. Macdonald, the first Prime Minister of Canada.

A city official said the downtown statue was splattered with yellow paint and what appears to be candy on Saturday night or Sunday last weekend.

This is the third incident involving the statue in the past year.

In September, he tipped over, damaging his head. In June, he was splashed with red paint.

The presence of the statue created controversy due to Macdonald’s role in establishing residential schools for Indigenous peoples.

The city pledged last summer to make changes to the statue, but as of January it was still at odds with local Indigenous leaders over what changes should be made.

The city’s public works department cleaned up the latest vandalism on Monday. He installed a protective barrier around it, to protect storefronts and pedestrians during cleanup, and sanded off paint and debris.

The clean-up cost around $ 1200. It cost about $ 1,700 to clean up the red paint in June.

Charlottetown Police said they were made aware of the most recent incident on Sunday and are investigating.

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