Environmental awareness and responsibility for the protection of the natural environment, in the activities of the Armed Forces


The efforts of the personnel of the Armed Forces for the protection of the environment and for the minimization of the environmental impact of their activities are continuous, as well as the rational management of energy, in order to avoid the creation of pollution of the natural environment. O The Chief of the General Staff, General Konstantinos Floros, awarded the Commander of the 116th Combat Squadron (I) Petros Sassaris the title of “FRIEND OF THE ENVIRONMENT” of the armed forces for environmental actions undertaken and implemented by 2020. The “OVER DYNAMIN DARE” as indicated by the emblem of the 116th Battle Wing, in parallel with the proper execution of their main mission, which is to undertake and lead successful flight operations with difference as it results from the final score obtained by their Unit in the individual environmental, energy, economic, educational and communication criteria on the basis of which it was assessed. As an indication, a series of environmental actions developed, such as the care of waste management thanks to the recycling system of the Unit in collaboration with the municipality of Western Achaia, the reduction of water consumption thanks to the remote control of its pumping station, and the application of modern storage methods of lubricant management. It is also interesting to note that the Wing personnel were trained in environmental issues, while participating in a research proposal from the Hellenic Open University for the creation of a Model Environmental Combat Wing. The Head of GEETHA during his greeting, was mentioned the actions that have been developed by the three branches of the armed forces as well as the actions that have been undertaken, within the framework of the environmental policy of the Ministry of National Defense, in order to improve their environmental footprint inside and outside outside their camps and services.

Natural gas in the PAPAGOU camp

The head of GEETHA, General Konstantinos Floros, in the presence of the executive chairman of the board of the gas distribution company – EDA Attica, Mr. Pierros Hatzigiannis and the general manager of the public gas company – DEPA Infrastructure SA M . Michael Hatzis, inaugurated the construction of a network of gas pipelines in the facilities of Camp “PAPAGOU”, Monday July 26, 2021. The ceremony also took place in the presence of the Mayor of Papagou – Holargos Mr. Elias Apostolopoulos, Mayor de Varia – Varias Mr. Grigoris Konstandellos, Chief of General Staff (I) Georgios Blioumis, Chief of General Staff Charalambos Lalousis and Chief of Staff Rear Admiral Stylianos Petrakis PN. This gas infrastructure is an environmentally friendly project, which minimizes the environmental footprint of Camp “PAPAGOU”“. It is to highlight that, in addition to the construction of the gas pipeline network, the oil burners have been replaced by new dual fuel burners (gas and oil), which offers the possibility of switching easily and quickly from one form to another in case of emergency. In his greeting, the head of GEETHA, among others, mentioned the multiple advantages offered by the inaugurated project, stressing that The Armies apply the provisions of national and European legislation in order to reduce their environmental footprint, while achieving a reduction in operating costs and energy savings. He also pointed out that the project was financed by the 2019-2021 Public Investment Program after it was auctioned with an open public tender, during which a discount of more than 53% was achieved.

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