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Visitors to Expo 2020 can embark on a sustainability-based tour to experience how different nations of the world are emerging as ‘waste warriors’.

From vibrant environmental initiatives such as vertical farming to biodegradable alternatives and sipping coffee from edible cups to convert food waste into gourmet foods, Expo 2020 attendees are paving the way for a more sustainable planet.

Therefore, environmental concerns and their potential solutions are addressed as part of the Expo Live Impact series, which will take place during Climate and Biodiversity Week – the first thematic week of the event.

Climate and Biodiversity Week runs from October 3 to 9

Climate and Biodiversity Week, which runs October 3-9, will bring together experts and innovators from around the world for a series of panel discussions, addressing everything from carbon footprints and single-use plastics to adoption. and recycling clean energies.

The pavilions of many countries on the Expo site highlight their pioneering efforts to combat overconsumption, overproduction and sustainable management of resources.

Austria Flag presents a start-up that collects food waste and reuses it into gourmet foods and other edible products, highlighting the need for reuse.

Visitors to the Flag of bulgaria can enjoy coffee in edible cups and see the innovation of biodegradable plasticizing sheet.

Finland is making waves with its vertical farming system and zero waste farming technologies, based on circular economy principles, which will be showcased at the Nordic Nation Pavilion.

Bangladesh Flag demonstrates how its ban on single-use plastics paved the way for the search for new biodegradable alternatives in different fields.

The Flag of Comoros highlights its journey to a sustainable future through the efficient recycling of plastics and other waste.

Speakers and contributors from around the world will present case studies and real-life experiences to help uncover solutions to the biggest environmental problems.

The self-guided tour of the Expo 2020 app is designed to change behaviors to lessen our impact on our world.

The “People for Planet” journey, available on the app, will introduce visitors to the different ways countries and organizations are responding to key issues facing us as a global community.

At Flag of slovenia, visitors learn to be part of the solution in the areas of equitable development, nature conservation and technological advancements.

Net zero energy, inspired by the rainforest Singapore flag explores our journey towards livability and resilience in a lodge whose self-sustaining ecosystem encourages people to foster stronger relationships between nature and the built environment.

The Flag of New Zealand allows visitors to experience a true reflection of the Maori value of ‘kaitiakitanga’ (guarding the land) while exploring the oneness of people and the environment.

TO Terra – The Sustainability Pavilion, the future of the Earth is at stake, and there is no planet B. People are encouraged to become an agent of change as they wander under a forest and dive into the ocean, discovering projects global innovators that provide real solutions to help preserve the planet for future generations.

A captivating journey through the Flag of Maldives showcases the unique natural environment of the Maldives and its people who are intrinsically linked to the sea. The pavilion promotes climate change awareness and sustainable practices to achieve a sustainable future.

Taking visitors on a treasure hunt, the Seychelles flag focuses on measures taken to safeguard the natural beauty and history of the nation’s islands and opportunities to participate in their preservation. Find clues to a hidden treasure and discover works of art made from recycled materials, highlighting the growing problem of plastic pollution.

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