Gulftimes: Environmental issues will be among biggest challenges for Shura Council: ministry official


Environmental issues will be among the biggest challenges that the next Shura Council will face as they are constantly evolving and have different priorities, besides the need to use the expertise of specialized technical expertise, Dr Mohamed Saif al -Kuwari, director of the Center for Environmental and Municipal Studies of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME), stressed.

He told Qatar TV that the new council should work to develop related laws and legislation, spread the culture of loving and caring for the environment, and promote scientific research in this field. He said the national climate change plan is considered one of the country’s most significant environmental achievements, especially since a limited number of countries around the world have such a plan. Accordingly, the elected Shura Council should monitor the implementation of this plan as it requires a lot of effort and support from a legal point of view. He hopes that the new council will offer the necessary suggestions regarding the preservation of the local terrestrial and marine environment.

Likewise, engineer Meshal al-Shamari, director of the Qatar Green Buildings Council, underlined the legislative role of the elected Shura Council in the fight against climate change. He also told Qatar TV that most of the country’s projects implement green building standards and the council works with many government entities to maintain the sustainability of buildings. Accordingly, he welcomed the cooperation with the forthcoming Shura Council in this regard.


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