How developers can integrate design into the natural environment


Australian businesses and household attitudes towards water efficiency have been shaped by ongoing drought conditions, revised energy targets and a booming population in recent decades.

Water efficiency is now a key consideration for developers as the real estate industry works towards sustainability.

Rapidly expanding areas, such as South East Queensland, Sydney and Melbourne, have set new standards for the regions’ future energy and water needs.

As a result, integrating efficient design with the natural environment has become a critical issue for developers trying to keep pace with the changing Australian cityscape.

Throughout this period, rainwater has remained a sustainable water supply reducing the costs of water treatment and transportation.

Australia’s interest in sustainable water supply systems has led to a demand from many industries for on-site stormwater management, a need that Kingspan Water and Energy has begun to address through systems. on site that reduce peak flow and stormwater volume.

Kingspan uses state-of-the-art facilities across the country to promote sustainable buildings, which in turn support the success of our cities.

For developers, these commercial reservoirs can provide fire water storage, rainwater harvesting and treated water storage for industrial, mining and agricultural sectors.

They can also effectively manage on-site stormwater, making them a valuable asset in several major growth projects across Australia.

Water supply systems can be used in a variety of different project types and scopes, with tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs of each project – whether commercial, residential or industrial.

Some of Kingspan’s most innovative project solutions include:


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