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The claims made by the bailout obstructionists are so far-fetched they are ridiculous. Obviously, they have no valid environmental problem. They just want to stop connecting.

Obstructionists say snags pose no danger to people. The truth is, snags are one of the leading causes of injury and death among firefighters. The District of Tiller has requested $ 90,000 to remove dangerous trees along the roads to facilitate public safety. The only place where a snag is not a danger to people is in the minds of obstructionists.

There is a northern spotted owl, which prefers snags adjacent to roads, rather than safer, secluded snags away from roads. It only exists in the minds of obstructionists.

Additionally, in the minds of obstructionists, there is a type of heavy fuel that does not burn long and hot, making fire containment more difficult and damaging the soil, which in turn pollutes yards. water and harms fish. In the real world, heavy fuel oil burns for a long time and is harmful to the soil, air, water, fish and people.

I expect a judge to rule in favor of the US Forest Service. When finished, I hope the judge will hold the obstructionists accountable for any financial losses caused by their stall tactics.

Fire recovery should be determined by the professional judgment of land managers, not by a rash procedure that allows for delays where no one is held accountable. I hope Peter DeFazio, Ron Wyden, and Jeff Merkley collectively get out of this and act to pass a law making people accountable for delayed recovery, because right now the National Environmental Policy Act process, designed to protect the environment, is misused and it harms not only the environment, but also people.

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