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On June 30, The Roanoke Times ran a wake-up call from Lynda Majors and Mark Jarrell (“Awake to MVP Injustice”) on the facts and history of the Mountain Valley Pipeline debacle.

They also printed “the other side of the question”. Cline Brubaker and Bob Camicia (“MVP help Franklin; finish him”) say it’s high time for regulators to speed up reviews and approvals and reissue remaining permits.

The MVP is committed, through the environmental impact study, to control silt runoff.

If they had moved closer, the permits would not have been revoked. If MVP and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission had followed federal law correctly, the data could have shown that the land is too steep to control erosion, permits would not have been granted and MVP would not have wasted all that time. and that money.

Even if the MVP was 92% complete, it would not require approval of any permits.

If Franklin County needs a supply of natural gas to thrive, Roanoke has enough capacity to supply them. We need a short 8 inch pipeline, not a 40 inch MVP. And the ability to collect property taxes does not justify the injustices described by Majors and Jarrell.

We have thousands of miles of pipelines, many of which carry explosive methane, but most are built on suitable land. The Leach XPress pipeline is MVP style and built on West Virginia terrain almost as steep as the MVP. The landslide caused an explosion large enough to wipe off the map a village the size of Newport, County Giles.


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