MacDermid Offshore Solutions Introduces New Environmental Control Fluid


MacDermid Offshore Solutions, the leading supplier of high performance, environmentally friendly products to the offshore oil and gas industry, has expanded its product line with the release of the Oceanic Environmental Control Fluid (ECF)

The provides high-performance, environmentally friendly products for the offshore oil and gas industry. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

The fluid is designed to meet the world’s toughest environmental control standards for the foreseeable future: OCNS Class E for UK, Yellow Y1 for use in Norway and fully compliant with all OSPAR countries and general requirements Gulf of Mexico permits in the United States.

The new water-based fluid complements MacDermid’s existing product lines and delivers exceptional technical performance that exceeds stringent API 17F and OEM requirements. The technology features forward and reverse material compatibility, which provides exceptional lubrication, anti-wear properties, anti-corrosion properties, broad tolerance to brine, seawater contamination and microbial resistance. Ocean ECF is a fluid that is robust enough to last 20-30 years inside an underwater system, and when discharged, fully biodegrades in 28-60 days. This ensures that no lingering chemicals remain.

Steve Racca, Managing Director, said, “As environmental sustainability measures become an increasingly widespread area of ​​focus for offshore production operations, this fluid will meet the heightened demands of our customers and their regulators to continue to reliably operate hydraulically operated underwater equipment. Our market hasn’t seen innovation like this since the initial introduction of water-based fluids in the 1980s.”

Eric Handley, vice president of technology at MacDermid, said, “Oceanic ECF functionality is the definition of sustainability and will be the fluid of the future for the global offshore oil and gas industry. With the addition of Oceanic ECF to our existing product line, MacDermid is poised to meet an even wider range of customer needs, presenting a safe and durable solution for projects all over the world. Its performance recommends it both as a control fluid and as a storage fluid. Oceanic ECF can withstand temperatures up to 160 degrees Celsius and as low as -25 degrees Celsius. This wide range meets the requirements of 95% of offshore wells worldwide.

Handley added, “Oceanic ECF eliminates the need to change fluids in systems, eliminating complications with future clearances. It is also legacy compatible, providing the longer term solution for sustainability and future regulatory issues. Customers do not need to change equipment, valves or designs, even when changing from existing products to this fluid. They can use Oceanic ECF to complement existing systems safely and efficiently.


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