Memorial Park campgrounds get major update ahead of 100th anniversary


New toilet and shower buildings, upgraded campsites, a new sewage treatment plant and a sewage collection system are among the plans to improve the aging Memorial Park campsite in San Mateo County.

At the San Mateo County Park Commission meeting on Thursday, County Rangers Mario Nastari and Kevin O’Brien are expected to make a presentation updating the commission on the ongoing improvements to the campgrounds, which have hosted the last year more than 57,000 visitors during the camping season.

Memorial Park campgrounds have been closed since October 20 and will remain closed for the entire 2020 camping season as San Mateo County parks move forward with the first comprehensive park improvement project, which opened on October 4. July 1924. Memorial Park currently has 141 campsites, a visitor center, amphitheater, daytime picnic areas, and nearly 11 km of hiking trails.

In view of the park’s centenary in 2024, the county has launched a two-year infrastructure and building replacement effort. When the campgrounds reopen in 2021, visitors will see seven new toilet and shower buildings in place of those built in the 1970s, the county said. ADA improvements, paved driveways and parking lots, new barbecue pits, picnic benches, fire pits and other camping gear are also among the improvements, according to the county.

Currently, a new wastewater treatment plant is under construction and is expected to be completed in July of next year. An “obsolete” wastewater collection system will be replaced.

All toilets and showers that are not replaced during the 2020 shutdown are expected to be replaced before the 100th anniversary, the county report said.

For more information, access the Commission agenda documents here or attend the committee meeting, which begins at 4 p.m. in council chambers at 400 County Center in Redwood City.

Photo above, shared on San Mateo County Parks Facebook page, Shows Memorial Park Campground, which was fully occupied the night of Memorial Park’s dedication on Pescadero Creek in 1924. Photo courtesy of Gertrude Kuentzel Sorenson Collection / “San Mateo County Parks, A Remarkable Story of Extraordinary Places and the People Who Built Eux “/ San Mateo County Parks Foundation


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