Natural England presents a new vision of our natural environment


Helping all children, wherever they live, enjoy the benefits of a thriving natural environment is at the heart of Natural England’s vision for the next five years, released today (Wednesday 7 October).

“Building Partnerships for Nature’s Recovery” sets out Natural England’s ambitious plan for a more resilient and accessible natural environment by 2025 and underlines NE’s commitment to helping all reap the benefits of our precious natural environment in which they live. Recent surveys from NE have found that about a third of parents want their children to be able to spend more time outdoors in nature to support their physical and mental health. The report also found a striking 20 percentage point difference in the time children in wealthier areas spend outdoors each week compared to those in poorer areas.

Natural England Managing Director Marian Spain will use the plan’s digital launch event, which can be streamed live via NE’s YouTube channel for everyone to access, to highlight the important role of partnerships in making the plan happen. these ambitions and will invite a range of stakeholders to work with Natural England. This will help ensure that our natural environment is protected and can be enjoyed by all, including landscapes being restored to provide places of natural beauty, with iconic species such as beavers and sea eagles being reintroduced to our rivers. , and coasts and new developments integrating green spaces, trees and ponds.

Natural England Managing Director Marian Spain said:

The coronavirus pandemic has made us all realize how essential access to a thriving natural environment is to our health and well-being. But it also revealed shocking inequalities in who in our society can access nature.

As we emerge from the pandemic, Natural England is committed to taking action now to revive our natural world and integrate it into our daily lives. Restoring nature is a win-win: more wildlife, solutions to climate change and a healthier and more prosperous society.

Imagine a world where woods, peat bogs and coastal marshes absorb carbon from the atmosphere? Where can everyone visit national parks rich in nature and beauty? Where do beavers help manage our rivers, reduce flooding, and fight pollution? And where can each child play in the green spaces near their home? This is the world we work to create and why it is so important that we build partnerships to act to create positive and lasting change for our natural environment.

Today, attendees of the online event will learn more about NE’s vision and the plan that links its day-to-day work in support of the 25-year environmental plan, the government’s net zero commitments and a recovery. green:

  • Well-managed nature recovery network across land, water and sea. These networks will create and protect resilient ecosystems rich in wildlife and natural beauty, valued by people and benefiting society greatly.
  • People connected to the natural environment for their well-being, pleasure and prosperity and those of society
  • Nature-based solutions fully contributing to tackling the challenge of climate change and wider environmental dangers and threats
  • Improvements in natural capital that drive sustainable economic growth, healthy food systems and thriving communities
  • Evidence and expertise used by a wide range of partnerships, organizations and communities to achieve nature restoration and enable effective regulation and accreditation
  • A values-driven organization that provides excellent standards of service to all partners, organizations and communities committed to achieving nature recovery

These ambitions can only be achieved through a combined effort between Natural England and its partners. Natural England’s work focuses on protecting and enhancing resilient landscapes and seas; Sustainable development; greener agriculture and fisheries; and connect people with nature.

Environment Minister Rebecca Pow said:

This government has ambitious environmental commitments as shown by our next environmental bill and the existing 25-year environmental plan and net zero commitments.

Natural England’s ongoing work is essential to ensure we meet our goals and rebuild a greener and healthier natural environment and society in the wake of the terrible impacts of the coronavirus, enabling us to leave the environment in a better place. state than we have inherited for future generations.



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