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Environmental issues should be a priority for the Philippines’ future leaders.

During the World Wildlife Fund-Philippines Shape Our Future: The Countdown to Earth Hour 2022 virtual roundtable on March 26, Earth Hour Philippines Country Director Angela Ibay said the next leader should focus on implementing green recovery plans, pursuing sustainability and promoting local indigenous production.

“Certainly our next leader should focus on implementing the laws, but I think he should implement green recovery plans because we are still emerging from the pandemic, and those plans should protect our natural resources. , to pursue sustainability in all our systems, be it food, water, energy, and without a doubt promote local indigenous production so that we reduce our dependence on external sources,” Ibay said.

“Second, I argue that there should be strong and adequate funding for local implementers, so that we can push positive environmental impacts even further,” she added.

Green Thumb Coalition official Jaybee Garganera, meanwhile, said he launched a scorecard to measure candidates’ “green” agenda.

“All of these – energy, waste, forestry, sustainable agriculture, water, human rights and sustainable development – ​​need to be popularized with candidates,” Garganera said.

“We enter into a social contract with these leaders when we sign our name at the ballot box on May 9. We engage them to serve us and we would like the green dashboard to be part of that contract and hopefully we as good citizens can better monitor and be part of the solution,” he said.

The roundtable, which discussed the environmental issues the country’s next group of leaders should focus on, was also attended by Ten Knots Director of Sustainability, Mariglo Laririt, the President of United Ilijan Agricultural Workers for Sustainable Development , Rodel Cadigal, WWF-PH National Youth Council. Mirus Ponon, member and founder of ASEAN Youth Advocates, and Xia Vigor, child ambassador of WWF-PH.

The virtual roundtable was held 7:30 p.m. before the global lights out from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

According to Earth Hour, with this year’s theme “Shape Our Future”, it aims to be a platform to encourage and mobilize collective action for the environment by educating and inspiring everyone, especially government leaders. , to act for nature and the climate.

GMA supported this year’s Earth Hour celebration, which is led by WWF Philippines. – RC, GMA News


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