Orbital Technologies Corporation (ORBITEC) Trusted Bigelow Aerospace to Provide Environmental Monitoring and Life Support (ECLSS) to Sundancer


ORBITEC human support systems and instrumentation capabilities

“My expectation for ORBITEC to provide safe and reliable solutions, to build and deliver on time, and to work collaboratively with my team to deliver a profitable product is the reason I have them on the Bigelow team. »Robert Bigelow, president, owner

Since 2005, Orbital Technologies Corporation has worked with Bigelow Aerospace to provide environmental control and survival systems for human spaceflight.

Robert Bigelow, President and Owner of Bigelow Aerospace, said: “We have had a long and beneficial relationship with ORBITEC. Their capabilities and business practices align well with our business. Mr Bigelow also states: “My expectation for ORBITEC to provide safe and reliable solutions, to build and deliver on time, and to work collaboratively with my team to deliver a cost effective product is why I have them in it. Bigelow team. “

ORBITEC joins forces with the technical staff of Bigelow Aerospace to develop systems for pressure control, oxygen production and supply, hydrogen supply, temperature and humidity control, ventilation, thermal transport, water treatment, gaseous contaminant removal, carbon dioxide removal, and atmospheric composition monitoring. ORBITEC is proud to be a part of this incredible development which will bring revolutionary and profitable sustenance of human activity into space. The company’s survival systems, subsystems and components build on the company’s 20 years of experience with closed human environments for space travel. Many ORBITEC solutions have already been implemented and used in spaceflight, and the company has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to reduce product costs through the use of commercially available components. Complete systems are available for air and water treatment, environmental and thermal management, waste management, environmental control, cabin instrumentation, and science or payload systems. ORBITEC also offers thermal vacuum, sound load, vibration, shock, thermal cycling, humidity and specialized tests to determine component and system impacts resulting from exposure to moon dust.

Thomas Crabb, President and CFO of Orbital Technologies Corporation could not be more pleased with the relationship that has been established with Bigelow Aerospace. “It is a pleasure to present ORBITEC technology and products with such a powerful and innovative space partner,” said Mr. Crabb. “Our proven technology and ability to deliver extremely cost-effective reliability is ideal for these commercial applications. Our engineering enables ORBITEC customers to integrate a complete network of reliable and automated life support subsystems into a complete human support space system.

ORBITEC (http://www.orbitec.com) is also developing the next generation of technologies for human support and instrumentation, including removal of gas contamination, water treatment, water supply. oxygen, carbon dioxide removal, handling and handling of fluids under multiple patents. pending process.

About Orbital Technologies Corporation (ORBITEC)

ORBITEC is a leading high-tech development and subsystem integration company based in Madison, Wisconsin. ORBITEC offers commercially mature solutions and strong capabilities in five distinct areas: next generation fire suppression; Propulsion, propulsion and power systems; Support for life and control of the environment; Bio-based products and production systems; and interactive 3D simulation software. ORBITEC has won more than $ 250 million in contracts to develop advanced technologies and products from government (NASA, USAF, US Army, US Navy, USDA, FAA / DOT), large and small commercial aerospace and other industries The company has been able to convert research and development initiatives into cutting-edge technologies and evolve technologies into valuable products in their respective markets, providing significant cost advantages, superior functionality and reliability high. ORBITEC is led by an experienced management team with over one hundred years of experience in the industry.

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