PM Minnis thanks BNT for preserving the natural environment


Prime Minister Most Hon. Dr Hubert Minnis addresses the Bahamas National Trust 60th Anniversary celebration at his Retreat Gardens on Village Road, July 12, 2019. BIS Photo / Raymond A. Bethel, Sr.

NASSAU, Bahamas – Thanking the Bahamas National Trust for preserving the country’s natural environment for the past 60 years, the Prime Minister Right Hon. Dr Hubert Minnis unveiled other plans for the protection of natural resources.

He was addressing the Bahamas National Trust’s 60th anniversary celebration at its retirement gardens on Village Road on July 12, 2019.

He also thanked the staff, donors, benefactors and volunteers for their impressive accomplishments over the past six decades.

“I also thank the BNT for the essential role it plays in safeguarding the sacred and natural trust that is the Commonwealth of Beauty that is the Bahamas,” the Prime Minister said.


BIS Photo / Raymond A. Bethel, Sr.

Founded in 1969, the Bahamas National Trust manages the Bahamas National Park System of 32 national parks, which protect more than two million acres of Bahamian biodiversity.

“Indeed, part of the genesis of the Bahamas National Trust was the steadfast determination and desire of a group of intrepid individuals to preserve and conserve the biodiversity and beauty of the Bahamas,” said the Prime Minister.

“Their inspiration and dedication led to the creation of Exuma Cays Land and Marine Park, the world’s first land and marine park.”


BIS Photo / Raymond A. Bethel, Sr.

The Prime Minister observed that the natural treasure being celebrated is threatened by pollution and by a global climate crisis and global warming.

“Just as previous generations appealed to the steadfast determination and will to conserve and preserve our natural heritage, we must also appeal to the fierce urgency of the moment to face a complex crisis that threatens our very existence. as a country. “

Over the decades, the Prime Minister has said that the country’s vast network of lands and parks, which stretches the length of the archipelago, has become a source of biodiversity for the region.

He then revealed that the government would collaborate with the BNT in the implementation of its 2018-2022 strategic plan.


BIS Photo / Raymond A. Bethel, Sr.

“This includes continued efforts to address the current climate emergency, combat the effects of plastics on our environment and other measures to conserve our natural environment and educate Bahamians on our shared environmental trust,” he said. he declares.

The government will also work with the BNT to create the necessary policies to improve biodiversity conservation in line with international best practices and in line with national sustainable development goals.

And, the government and the Trust have worked together to identify around 40 new marine areas for protection, which cover more than 8.1 million acres. This will ensure the Bahamas meet their goal of protecting 20 percent of our marine environment by 2020.


BNT turns 60 – cake cutting, left to right: Eric Carey, Executive Director, BNT; Stephanie Bowers, Chargé d’affaires, United States Embassy; The deputy. Romauld Ferreira, Minister of Environment and Housing; Prime Minister Minnis; and Geoffrey Andrews, President, BNT. BIS Photo / Raymond A. Bethel, Sr.

“In addition, I am pleased that the government of the Bahamas has signed an agreement with the Inter-American Development Bank to advance conch conservation efforts in the Bahamas,” the prime minister said.

“We have also launched the Bahamas Coral Innovation Hub with the Cape Eleuthera Institute and the Perry Institute for Marine Science,” he revealed.

The objective of this coral innovation hub is to advance and deploy the science of coral conservation, and to intensify the restoration of corals using revolutionary techniques.

About 1.3 million coral embryos have been created by collecting spawning from developing and endangered coral species in the Bahamas using advanced coral breeding techniques.


Traveling exhibit at the Bahamas National Trust, which celebrated its 60th anniversary when it retired to the village on Friday, July 12, 2019. In the photo, Prime Minister Minnis (right); Lynn Gape, Deputy Executive Director, BNT; Geoffrey Andrews (left), President, BNT; and the Hon. Romauld Ferreira, Minister of Environment and Housing. BIS Photo / Raymond A. Bethel, Sr.

“We have also created a management plan for lobster fishing and we will continue to advance other measures to conserve our fish populations,” said the Prime Minister.

Having received stewardship of the natural wonders of the Bahamas from the Creator and through history, “we have an immense responsibility to ensure the preservation and conservation of these wonders for ourselves and for generations to come,” said declared the Prime Minister.

He assured the BNT of the government’s continued support in the conservation and celebration of the country’s majestic network of national parks.


BIS Photo / Raymond A. Bethel, Sr.


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