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For more than 50 years, PolyScience has been innovating in the industry of precise temperature control of liquids.

Research and innovative thinking are part of PolyScience’s formula for success, but a key ingredient is simply “listening,” as President Philip Preston explains. “Some of PolyScience’s biggest innovations have actually come directly from the customer.”

The patented WhisperCool® environmental control system – a standard feature on some PolyScience chillers, circulating water baths and the soon-to-be-released DuraChill® line of chillers – is the result of listening to customer feedback, forward thinking, engineering and not being afraid to ask “Why not?”

WhisperCool® reduces noise levels below conversational speech at a distance of two meters. Preston explains, “A common complaint from chiller users is the noise associated with working alongside a chiller day in and day out. This is a prime example of how customer feedback will drive engineering solutions at PolyScience. We’ve heard the message and worked for years to develop the patented WhisperCool® environmental control system. “

The PolyScience WhisperCool® system optimizes the condenser fan speed according to the cooling demand. “A 20% reduction in fan speed results in a 50% reduction in operating noise while maintaining optimum cooling performance.” said Preston. “In a lot of cases they turn on the cooler, it makes the same noise as every other cooler on the market, but the fan slows down to the point where you don’t even notice it’s running.”

Years of research, listening to customer feedback and innovating is what makes WhisperCool® such a great product, as Preston explains. “Our patented adaptive technology significantly reduces operating noise, optimizes compressor and evaporator performance, decreases overall energy consumption and extends compressor life. It is standard on some PolyScience recirculating chillers as well as at -40 ° C 7 liters and all refrigerated / heated circulation baths of 15 liters and above.

Due to the logarithmic nature of the decibel (dB) scale, a small change in decibel values ​​is equivalent to a large change in audible sound level. A typical competitor chiller is rated at 71 dB, while a PolyScience WhisperCool® chiller is rated at 62 dB. What seems like a small difference of just 9 decibels almost equates to a 50% reduction in sound. The corresponding graphics illustrate some common sounds with their notes in decibels. Notice how the note in dB compares to the actual sound you hear.

Preston explains that customer feedback has always been the catalyst for innovation and change at PolyScience. “There are a number of areas where we have been pioneering in bringing very customer-centric solutions to market. “

All PolyScience products — refrigerated circulation baths, heated circulation baths, chillers, circulation coolers, general purpose water baths, and application specific equipment — are designed and developed by a team of highly trained engineers in the United States. United according to our own strict standards, as well as ISO 9001 quality and environmental requirements ISO 14001.

After five decades of advancing liquid temperature control, PolyScience’s passion for innovation, commitment to quality, and unmatched user orientation continue to drive our enthusiasm for designing and manufacturing superior products. , making PolyScience the ideal partner for controlling the temperature of liquids.

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