Reston National Launches Neighborhood Study Group to Address Natural Environment


The Reston National Golf Course has launched a new study group to help understand past and current property conditions and future plans for the neighborhood’s natural environment.

Funded by Virginia Investment Partners LLC, owner of the 168-acre golf course, the Reston National Neighborhood Study Group focuses on six main categories: open spaces, amenities, tree canopies, security, housing costs and water quality.

The group held its first community meeting on May 13 with the Hunters Green community, and at least more conversations are planned, according to study group leader Greg Hamm.

As founder and chairman of property planning firm New City Enterprises, Hamm represents developers Weller Development Cos. and War Horse Cities, who bought the golf course in 2019.

Hamm says the community conversations are meant to ensure transparency of the study group’s work and opportunities for public engagement, especially with adjacent neighbors like the Hunters Green Cluster, which shares nearly six miles of property with the land. of golf.

“This is a very important property, and it is a very important topic and issue for many people,” said Hamm. “… It is a great responsibility for us to really listen, to engage and to be creative and thoughtful in how we are stewards of this property and this important part of the community. So there are going to be a lot of ideas, a lot of opinions, a lot of very important concerns that we have to address. “

Conversations will focus on shared property lines, trees and the vegetative state of the surrounding property, including how to deal with invasive plant species, as well as other challenges identified by the study group and neighbors. .

Other topics include understanding the trail system and talking about permanent open spaces, a recurring concern in Reston when it comes to golf courses.

While an effort to update Reston’s full plan is underway, Hunter Mill District Supervisor Walter Alcorn has maintained that he will not support changing the plan to allow development of the two golf courses. of the area, although a proposal to build townhouses near the Hidden Creek Country Club course is currently making its way through the Fairfax County planning process.

Hamm says the Neighborhood Study Group will be guided by the Seven Foundational Principles articulated by Reston founder Robert E. Simon.

“We think that with keeping the spirit of Reston and core planning, and community building, there are ways we could possibly approach some of these things that could be very positive,” Hamm said.

Hamm added that these conversations will not result in an overnight transformation, but he hopes to encourage open dialogue so that the study group can work with members of the surrounding community and hear their concerns or ideas.

“We want to make sure we’ve really thought through and understood the main underlying issues in the community regarding our future and their future,” Hamm said. “Part of it allows them to understand what is already going on. “

Photo via Reston National Golf Course / Facebook


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